Fatburning Workouts

Using High Intensity Exercise to Burn That Fat Away

Millions of people worldwide yearn to lose weight and achieve a leaner figure, and a multi-billion dollar international industry has grown up dedicated to helping people achieve that aim. Slimming pills, complicated diet plans asking you to measure your meals out to the gram, even psychology and self-hypnosis – it seems like there’s nothing that hasn’t been tried by someone somewhere.

The fact is, there are not many products available, which can help you to weight loss. Next to Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Cleanse there are maybe 2 or 3 other products on the market, which are really helpfull. While weight loss pills and flavour-of-the-month diets can definitely help as part of a slimming effort, in the end it all comes down to one simple fact: you need to use up more calories than you consume. This doesn’t mean that to lose weight you have to starve yourself while exercising like a demon – this would certainly take the pounds off but would be very unhealthy – but by designing your workouts to purposefully burn off fat you can increase the results that your efforts will bring.

High Intensity Rather Than Muscle Building

It’s unfortunate but true that exercise of some kind is a vital part of any weight loss plan, but not all exercise is the same. The techniques you need to use for weight loss are very different to those for building muscle or for body toning. The idea is to use lots of energy, so burning off excess fat, while also raising your metabolic rate so that the calories you consume are quickly turned into energy rather than being converted into fats and stored around your tummy and thighs! Pure Cambogia Ultra can help you with that. Simply put, this means short bursts of high intensity activity with short rests in between, rather than bicep-busting weight lifting sessions or long slow sessions on the treadmill.

When starting on a new weight loss regime, many people decide to sign up for a membership at a local gym. Full of good intentions at the start, often the novelty wears off as the effort put in doesn’t necessarily convert into immediate pounds off on the scales. It’s easy to be discouraged and waste a lot of money on a membership that quickly becomes unused, so it’s a good idea to start slowly with simple exercises that anyone can do for free, to get your body used to the idea of short intensive bursts. Here are two ideas to get you started.

Running Between Street Lights

Going for a jog is a simple form of exercise that anyone can do, given a half decent pair of training shoes and a tracksuit. Although a long slow jog is very good for overall fitness and will help you lose weight, it’s much more effective as a fat burner if you run hard in short bursts, then rest for a while before repeating. An easy way to do this is to run along a street, pushing yourself hard for the distance between two street lights, then walking to the next one, then running again. Repeat for as long as you feel able. The idea is to get your heart beating and lungs working overtime while you’re running, then recovering slightly during the walking phase before starting again. This type of cardio exercise is excellent for quickly using up energy and prompting your metabolism to shift to a higher gear. As your fitness and endurance levels improve, try running for two lamps and walking for just one – remember, you’re aiming for repetitions of high intensity bursts followed by short recovery times.

The Two Step Routine

When you’re out and about during the day, if you’re faced with the choice between an elevator or a staircase, always use the stairs. This in itself will use up more energy, helping a little in the fight against fat, but you can really up the ante by taking two steps at a time. This puts a lot more strain on your leg muscles as you really need to work to lift your whole body weight up the greater distance compared to taking single steps. Once you’re used to doing this, take it yet another level further by increasing your pace so you’re almost running up two steps at a time – but needless to say, take great care doing this and don’t attempt it if you feel at all unconfident in your balance.

More Formal Exercise Regimens

If you’ve got into the habit of exercising using ideas like these, then maybe it’s time to move up to something a bit more structured. Who knows, you may have even caught the workout bug and find it enjoyable rather than a necessary chore!

So what sort of exercise should you move on to? As ever, you’re looking for a workout that will burn as many calories as possible, so this means high intensity. Although swimming is popular and is very good for overall health and fitness, it doesn’t really provide the short bursts of high energy activity you want.

If you’re still new to exercise, it’s a great idea to join a class where you exercise as a group. This not only provides a social setting that will help make the workout more enjoyable, you’ll be mixing with like minded people and can inspire each other onwards in the battle of the bulge. Here are some ideas for fat burning group classes.


Spinning is a high intensity form of indoor cycling, done to a background of Spinng for better results while the Pure Cambogia Ultra dietpulsing music and flashing lights. Think of it as exercise bike meets nightclub. Your instructor will lead the group through all the stages of the workout including warm ups, high intensity bursts, recovery, and warm downs. Spinning can be a very effective fat burner, but choose your instructor and class with care – some classes are more geared towards stamina, muscle building and cycling fitness rather than weight loss. Make sure your instructor knows what you want from the class before signing up.

Step Aerobics

This group workout is an extension of the ‘two step routine’ exercise we talkedstep aerobics while pure life cleanse diet about earlier, combined with music and a simple piece of equipment – a small step. Your instructor will guide the class through the session, teaching various moves centred around jumping on and off the step. It sounds simple – and it is really – but when done at a good pace (the music helps here) it can be a very effective calorie burner and so excellent for losing weight.

A more advanced version of step aerobics is plyometrics, also known as plyo or plyo box jump. This uses a higher box rather than a step, and provides a much more intensive workout than step aerobics. This is probably best left to advanced fitness fans!


Pilates is a form of yoga, and many, many classes have sprung up over recent years. Although not particularly helpful in itself for weight loss, it may be worth considering taking a weekly class to improve overall muscle tone and fitness, which will make your other higher intensity activities much more productive as your stamina and fitness improve.

And Now, Finally, To The Gym…

If you’ve got this far, and are seeing the results of all your hard work, it’s gym can increase fatburning while garcinia cambogia dietprobably time to step it up a gear by taking out that gym membership. The benefits of doing this are numerous – you’ll have access to a wide range of equipment to vary your workouts, you’ll be able to get advice and personalised workout plans from the gym trainers, and once you’ve got into the routine it’s an enjoyable way to help burn those pounds away.

As always, look for high intensity exercise plans rather than muscle building or endurance training. Your gym trainer will be able to help you make the most of the equipment available, but the general idea is to work hard at one activity for a short time, take a short rest, then move onto the next exercise. To make this even more effective there is the concept of ‘supersets’. These involve combining at least two exercises into a repetitive routine. For example, first you might do twenty squat thrusts, rest, then spend five minutes on the treadmill. With normal circuit training, you’d then move on to the next exercise, but with supersets you repeat the squats / rest / treadmill routine at least once more, before moving onto the next set of exercises. The advantage to this is that each muscle group gets a double workout within each superset, which doubles up the benefits of the high intensity and rest idea.

Whichever exercise plan you end up deciding on, always remember the basics: short bursts of hard work followed by a brief recovery – this really is the best way to burn off that fat. And also always remember that you’ll get the most out of exercise if you make it fun rather than a chore!

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