Review of Barbara from Australia

I used to be truly active in sports, swimming, running and so on when I was at school and university. But, once I started working, it was work, work and work – no time for play! And what do you think happened? I put on weight, lots and lots of it – over 13 kg! With hardly any exercise and the tendency to eat lots of sweet food, it is not surprising that I ballooned. I tried to go to a local gym for some weekly exercise, but it simply didn’t work out. There are so many things to do and learn every day. So I checked out the Internet, my favourite place for finding out about various things. And that’s when I came across, Pure Cambogia Ultra, a weight loss supplement. I did some research about this product and found out that Pure Cambogia Ultra didn’t have any chemical additives, fillers and binders – it was a wholly natural product, the way I like it. The reason for the weight loss is because of the extracts from the famous garcinia cambogia fruit (I learnt about this fruit after listening to Dr.Oz, the famous American doctor).

The extracts did two main things, which contributed to my weight loss: they prevented fat from being synthetised and they suppressed my appetite. Pure Cambogia Ultra’s HCA extracts also increased my body’s serotonin level, which meant I had better moods and sleep. This solved my problem of unrestful sleep and improved my mood (I tend to get depressed now and then, God knows why!). For me, better sleep meant better work performance – my mind was sharper, I felt more energised and happier, thanks to Pure Cambogia Ultra. Another thing about me is that I’m particular about quality and cleanliness. This product was made in a Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP certified laboratory, which finalised my decision to buy and try it – what was there to lose anyway? I’ve been taking Pure Cambogia Ultra for three months now – I lost an amazing 12kg (that’s enough for me, I look good!). I feel so happy with so much of energy every day. But, I didn’t take Pure Cambogia Ultra on its own – I took it together with Pure Life Cleanse. I felt that losing weight was not enough for me. I’ve been eating meat for a long time now.

My hobby is reading. That’s how I know that some of today’s meat is poisonous because of pollution, farming method and more. Also, meat is harder to digest in the body compared to vegetables and fruits. I had constipation problem, which contributed to headaches, weariness, stomach bloating and other issues. People advised me to eat lots of vegetables and fruits for increasing fibre content. But, honestly, I just did not have the inclination or time. My online research led me to Pure Life Cleanse, another entirely natural product containing various ingredients like flax seed powder, acai berry and licorice root. I read how taking Pure Life Cleanse can help detoxify my body and remove excess weight. So I thought to myself, “Why not? Let me give it a shot!

What have I got to lose by taking Pure Life Cleanse?” I took Pure Life Cleanse together with Pure Cambogia Ultra for best results. One of the reasons why I wanted to lose weight is for good health. What is the point of losing weight when there is still junk and toxins inside my body that needs to be flushed out? This is where Pure Life Cleanse came in truly handy. Having taken both Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Cleanse for three months now, I have lost around 12 kg, sleep better, feel a burst of enthusiasm and energy every day not to mention I’m more joyful with no worry about constipation, headache and bloating issues – it is pure bliss!

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