Review of Emma from England

As a teenager I was very active and did dancing as a hobby, so I’d never had trouble keeping my weight in check until my late 20s. To be honest, it happens really slowly; a takeaway here, a missed session at the gym there, and suddenly you realise you are not as healthy as you once were. Suddenly I was considered overweight for my height and build, and earlier this year I decided enough was enough.

At first I focused on dieting and exercise, but no matter how much I reduced my calorie intake and started doing runs in my local area, I just couldn’t move the weight. I began to feel like nothing would work.

It was a close friend who recommended I order the 3-month package of Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Cleanse. I’d never heard of Pure Cambogia Ultra before, and I didn’t want to use anything chemically based, but it is derived from plant extracts so it is a natural and healthy way to stimulate the metabolism and burn fat fast. I used it in conjunction with the Pure Life Cleanse and I haven’t felt better. I take the Pure Cambogia Ultra pills at the beginning of the day after I wake up in the morning, as this is recommended for best results. I did the Pure Life Cleanse at the start of the 3-month programme to help detox my body. One thing I would say is that it is very important to drink lots of water while on the programme, but this was a good thing as I have felt more hydrated during the process and it makes me realise I probably wasn’t drinking enough before anyway.

It has been two months already and I have lost 10 kg with Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Cleanse! On top of this, I feel like I have developed more muscle mass, I am less tired than I was before, and I feel like I have way more energy. I also managed to get rid of the belly fat I have been struggling to deal with for the last few years, and I haven’t needed to do any special exercise or diets to see results. I couldn’t recommend Pure Life Cleanse and Pure Cambogia Ultra highly enough; it produced results where other products have failed and I feel like a new woman (not to mention, I’ve already lost two dress sizes and there is still work to be done).

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